• added setToCondition to the Score to allow values based on a condition
  • added an Item.SpawnEgg constructor to allow generating spawn eggs more quicker
  • added Predicates subpackage, that allows to create all major types of predicates right in objD
  • added Predicate Widget to register a new Predicate with content
  • added VersionCheck and ServerVersionCheck
  • added Storage.toData to convert to a Data Widget
  • added global Scoreboard.prefix and Tag.prefix that get applied to all created Scoreboards and Tags
  • added the [] operator to scoreboard to quickly retrieve its scores
  • added Comment.seperate to generate a comment line
  • added Comment.fileHeader to generate a file header with author, description, context and calledin
  • added header field to File to be able to add a header to a file directly
  • added Spectate and Gamemode Widgets
  • added a PassTrait widget, that uses the Context to provide Data across the successive widget tree
  • added support for Dart Web, enabling online generators powered by objD
  • added Zip Exporter that can be enabled with the --zip flag or by builing the project in production mode
  • added --no-zip flag to allow usual file generation
  • added an web example
  • added getArchive and saveAsZip methods to manually create and modify the Zip encoder
  • added HideFlags method that calculates the hideFlags for you
  • added getAllFiles and getJsonMap functions to allow 3rd party developers and the web to use objDs output
  • updated the gson library to also support Dart Web
  • updated Condition.predicate and If to allow for Predicates(and automatically register them)
  • updated Block class to allow public insight into nbt and states
  • changed If Then and Else to then and orElse, old syntax is deprecated
  • extended the ForEach widget to support translation location for each step
  • moved Block, ItemType, EntityType and ParticleTypes constants to seperate Blocks, Items, Entities and Particle classes
  • moved the file generator to a new file seperating it from the system io
  • fixed the conversionFlags parameter for TextComponents, accepts TextComponents now
  • fixed crash when Scoreboard was used without any load File
  • fixed Tag toggle wrong negation
  • fixed text options with the conversionFlags in TextComponent.translate
  • refactoring code

Credit goes to Andante( who initially built the VersionChecker and ServerVersionChecker


  • added Schedule.append, Schedule.appendFile and ScheduleMode for the upcoming 1.15 release
  • added Support for Predicates in Entity
  • added Condition.predicate
  • added Storage Widget to handle global nbt storage
  • added Data target DataStorage to store nbt globally
  • added TextComponent.storageNbt to display nbt from Storage
  • added RawFile to allow generation of any kind of file in a pack(for upcoming Predicates, LootTables...)
  • added Operators & and >> to Tag to enable faster Conditions and Assignments
  • updated Kill to include just an optional target
  • code refactoring, issue fixing


  • added updated documentation site at
  • added completly new gson parser capable of types, see more here:
  • added operators to Score: +, -, *, /, %, <, >, <=, >=. >>, &
  • added Entity.Self Constructor as a shortcut
  • added Entity kill, raycast, teleport, give, replaceitem, particle, crash, tellraw, tp, execute, exec, execStrait, asat, as, at, joinTeam, leaveTeam and forEach Methods.
  • added Data Manipulation within Entity with dataMerge, dataGet, dataRemove and dataModify methods
  • added Selector
  • added Tp Widget
  • added RestAction, RestActionAble and StraitWidget to support underlying structure
  • added Area.rel
  • added Area.fromRanges
  • added exact parameter for Range to support single matches
  • added EntityType operator == to match same Types
  • added Builder & ItemBuilder Widgets
  • added IndexedFile to update the old complicated Group functionality.
  • added --out argument to change the output directory with the CLI
  • rewritten Execute with StraitWidget
  • rewritten Entity addTag, addTags, removeTag, removeTags
  • moved the cli commands and related files to a new package here:
  • removed gson parser in TextComponent, Bossbar, Title and Tellraw
  • changed Entity.self to Entity.Self
  • changed Range(exact:...) to Range.exact(...)
  • changed all args to fit the CLI
  • updated Group to IndexedFile. BREAKING: Removed fileId and generateIDs
  • fixed missing seperator when using multiple scores in Entity
  • fixed missing items and added documentation references
  • fixed that global Location does not cut of last double digit(1.0)
  • fixed unnessesary required value with Tag
  • fixed that Entity.copyWith just returned null´
  • fixed bug that Execute generated a List instead of just execute
  • refactored code

A big thanks goes to Minimine who actually did most of the new additions, the new gson package and bug fixes. Thanks for contributing! Check out his projects here: Thanks as well for the critical bugs reports by Mastermori!



  • added ClickEvent Module
  • added copyWith on Entities
  • added setValues on Entity to change selections afterwards
  • added Location.clone
  • added desc to Log
  • changed Color to const to allow defaults
  • changed Particle to use a double type for speed and no requirement for a location
  • fixed Particle.item to use ItemType instead of Item
  • fixed CommandList Type Error
  • fixed Raycast Error when not using stop in the ray property
  • fixed missing Invisible Nbt on ArmorStand


  • added new Module type to allow registering tick functions and files with a convenient api
  • added modules property to Pack to inject new modules
  • added ScoreTimerModule that implements a Timer using Scoreboards
  • changed Widget class to be abstract
  • tweaked Raycast to work properly
  • improved Entity.not
  • fixed with negative numbers


  • added Item.clone, Entity.clone and similar Methods with ItemType and Slot to enrich changeable inputs
  • added Entity.not to negate arguments
  • added Slot.craft
  • added Clear Wrapper
  • added Condition.Data
  • added Block.nbt to include Nbt-data and Blockstates
  • added Score.findSmallest and Score.findBiggest
  • updated Item.getGiveNotation to include Damage
  • changed Slot utilities to use seperate row and column arguments
  • fixed missing minecraft: on Item nbt
  • fixed wrong order of scale and datatype for Data.fromScore


  • added experimental hotreload to boost performance
  • added new -hotreload and -full build arguments
  • added new Slot class with helper functions
  • added Advancement Widget
  • added Data.fromScore
  • added Rotation utilities like Rotation.n and Rotation.north
  • added Rotation.getDirection
  • added isRotated value on entities to test for a Rotation object
  • reworked ReplaceItem for Blocks and using the new Slot
  • updated Item Slot requirements to match the Slot datatype
  • updated project generator without File path
  • updated Getting Started to fit new requirements and systems
  • fixed Location.storeResult


  • Completly reworked build algorithms that run the generate method just once.
  • improved performace
  • added new build arguments in createProject
  • new build arguments -min -prod and -debug
  • access to the prod property on context to change widget behaviour in productive build
  • comments and line breaks get automatically removed in productive build
  • added Raycast Widgets with many options to choose from
  • added ForEach Loop that iterates through each score
  • added Do.Until and Do.While Loops
  • added a Book Generator with Item.Book that allows to use BookPages and TextComponents to fill a book
  • added a TextComponent for the negative Spaces Font by AmberW. This automatically calculates the customs chars for a specified pixel value.
  • added a TextComponent for Custom Fonts
  • added a TextComponent for Linebreaks
  • added number and boolean arguments for Log
  • added new Block Condition which tests the current Position after the block
  • updated Say Wrapper to either use a String or Entity in one argument
  • fixed missing encapsulate property on If.not
  • fixed double and unmatching group ids with multiple packs and widgets
  • fixed multiple scoreboard related bugs. All declared Scoreboards from all packs should generate in the load functions now
  • fixed TextClickEvent.runCommand to include a slash (Thanks Dommi)
  • fixed data modify command generator (Thanks Vinicius Rangel for pull)



  • added Bossbar
  • added nbt TextComponents
  • added encapsulate to If
  • added strNbt to Data and Entity to support unvalid json chars
  • reworked the global console commands and binaries
  • fixed data modify
  • fixed missing datatype and scale with entity.storeResult


  • added RandomScore
  • added a Team wrapper
  • added a team option for entities as well as joinTeam and leaveTeam methods
  • added Repeat to repeat code with delay
  • added Log Widget to quickly print Messages, Scores or Entities in the chat
  • added ArmorStand Widget to create an armorstand
  • added Hologram to display text
  • added AreaEffectCloud
  • added Tag.toggle
  • added a create option to File
  • added a nbt option for Setblock
  • added Score.fromSelected to avoid annoying Entity.Selected
  • changed summon arguments
  • changed effect to also support nbt effects
  • changed Location to optional arguments
  • fixed when there are two identical files that they would extend


  • added AroundLocation widget
  • added Trigger wrapper
  • added Effect wrapper
  • added Particle wrapper
  • added clone wrapper
  • added nbt option for entities
  • added score.con for constants
  • added display name and lore for items
  • changed global commands and boilerplate project
  • fixed execute align
  • fixed execute bug if targetPath was null
  • fixed timer not generating schedule


with the first proper release there are the first util classes:

  • added Timeout and Timer widgets for delays and clocks
  • added Tag widget
  • added Schedule widget
  • added scores and tags parameters in any entity constructor
  • added addTag, addTags and removeTag Methods on entity
  • added targetFilePath and targetFileName parameters for the execute and if constructors to force a folder or filename
  • added suffix option for groups
  • added tag condition
  • added compile time
  • added experimental global commands
  • changed if behaviour to use a Tag instead with or conditions, else statement or multiple then children
  • fixed: nested groups generated in the wrong order
  • fixed entity Range generating unvalid results for -10..0
  • fixed groups that generated a different file than execution name(still some issues)



  • added experimental if else statements(may be changed later on)
  • added an if option for execute as well
  • added the area class
  • fixed group
  • fixed requirement for slot and count for items
  • changed entity static functions to named constructors(for Entity.Selected...)
  • updated fill to use area instead
  • updated teleport to use rotation
  • updated to dart 2.1.1
  • added inline documentation for many widgets
  • split the build process into multiple files


  • added subcommands for execute
  • added methods for execute
  • added storeResult to Location and Entity
  • added Rotation
  • fixed reference issue for groups(they prefixed everything 😮)


  • added Entity.PlayerName()
  • fixed readme
  • modified score.setToResult
  • made Block, EntityType and ItemType constants to use them in defaults


  • added score generation
  • added Scoreboard
  • added Score with calculation and condition methods
  • fixed that main and load functions were not executed


  • added teleport
  • added fill
  • added data widget and DataModify to edit nbt data
  • updated entity with area parameter


  • added Extend
  • added Item utils
  • added Give
  • added Replaceitem
  • added online documentation at


  • added Summon command wrapper
  • added TextComponents
  • added Title and Tellraw
  • added Color class
  • added TextClickEvent class
  • added TextHoverEvent class


  • added Block
  • added Location
  • added Setblock
  • added Say


  • Fixed ReadMe


  • Initial Project with Basics and Builder
Last Updated: 9/28/2019, 8:31:47 PM