# Versions

# 0.4

# 0.4.7

  • added arguments methods on context to generate macro commands introduced in 1.20.2
  • added Random Widget
  • added Return.run and Return.fail subcommands
  • added supportedFormats and packFormat to Project, default version is now 20.4
  • added arguments field for File.execute to run functions with arguments
  • updated blocks, items, particles and entities to include content from 1.20.4 and 23w51b
  • updated documentation links to the new minecraft wiki https://minecraft.wiki (thanks @Spongecade)
  • fixed Entity to introduce a trailing comma when given empty tags
  • fixed Entity.Clone to deep copy, instead of shallow copy (thanks @CCpcalvin)

# 0.4.6

  • added serializable UUID object to represent uuids consisting out of 4 integers (thanks @Globbi)
  • changed TextComponent & Entity to be gson serializable, so you don't have to call toMap manually
  • refactored Title widget
  • fixed function tags load/tick generating with paths with .mcfunction (thanks @FlafyDev)
  • fixed Storage.copyScore ignoring the scale parameter
  • fixed Github testing workflows to run with Dart 3 and provide Code Coverage (thanks @Globbi)

# 0.4.5

  • added new Time object for dealing with ticks, seconds, days and infinite Duration
  • added time extensions to number allowing to write 10.seconds, 2.ticks, 2.4.minutes etc. to generate time objects
  • added FillBiome Widget
  • added Execute.on, Execute.summon and Heightmap
  • added Damage Widget
  • added Return Widget and Score.setToFunction tranfering the return value to a score
  • added Biome and corresponding Biomes list
  • added Display Widget for spawing display objects and animate them
  • added Interaction Widget for spawing interaction entities
  • added preview images of all items and blocks in dartdoc
  • added unit tests for checking critical widgets automatically
  • added DataModify string operations
  • added CommandBuilder widget providing a abstract api to build commands with optional and varying components (mainly used internally)
  • added << Score operator as an additional "set to" operator(same as >>)
  • updated blocks, items, particles and entities to include content from 1.19.4 and 23w12a
  • updated dependencies
  • updated project to Dart 3
  • changed Score >> operator to also accept Widgets and Files
  • changed project version to also accept decimal numbers like 19.4 for 1.19.4 and react accordingly
  • fixed #25 ScoreTimerModule returning incorrect command with negative value
  • fixed Storage.getData not generating namespace properly
  • fixed log messages while using the getCommands API
  • fixed Bossbar.add generating wrong quotation #26
  • moved Builder Widget to basic


  • Effect, Schedule, Title, Repeat, Timer, ScoreTimer use the new Time object instead of an integer for representing time, you can just append a .ticks to the old integer: ticks: 10 => ticks: 10.ticks
  • objD now requires Dart 3, please check if you have the newest version of dart and run dart fix
  • Dimension is no longer an Enum. Execute.dimension no longer accepts strings, when using a custom dimension use Dimension(<name>)

# 0.4.4

  • added version aware translation of barrier and light particles when setting version to 18
  • added --clean(-c) option to easily remove all files and folders that would be generated by objD with the same options to easily clean junk
  • added experimental Multithreading option --useIsolates for saving files, let me know if you see performance improvements using it
  • added type property to Score to easily change scoreboard types and inherit right type from Scoreboard[] method
  • updated enums to use latest Dart 2.15 features
  • updated blocks and items to 1.18.1
  • fixed .mcfunction extension appearing in Context's file path(used by File.recursive and others)
  • fixed JsonFile not being exported
  • fixed Team Widget wrongly generate seeFriendlyInvisible when seeInvisible is set
  • removed unnessary imports

Shoutouts to SyntheticDev, Dan Gaming and firecraftgaming over on Discord for reporting many of these bugs!

# 0.4.3

Breaking: Changed default behaviour of @Func() annotation to generate a function directly in functions/ instead of reading the path of the source file. This can be enabled again by setting path = null.

  • added InitScore Widget for initializing scoreboard values, thanks MrPlayerYork for the implementation
  • added masked argument for Condition.blocks making it generate valid code
  • added Rotation.checkNorth, Rotation.checkEast... which can be used as Range to check rotation in a specific direction
  • added run method to File to execute an existing File object
  • added Tag.add and Tag.remove constructors to make code more readable
  • updated Execute center method to optionally take a y value
  • updated ServerVersionCheck to also recognize 1.16 - 1.18 (thanks MrPlayerYork for the suggestion)
  • updated Log Widget with suggestions to add Log.debug and Log.info
  • updated blocks, items, particles and entities to include content from 21w42a
  • fixed Predicate requiring contents (Thanks to MrPlayerYork for reporting that!)
  • fixed nested Execute or If not generating a single execute command
  • fixed main and load files generating even if create was set to false(used in objd_gen)
  • Removed length limits for scoreboard, score holder and team names for 1.18

# 0.4.2 (the 1.17 update)

  • added new Marker Widget to easily create new Markers(you can use it where ever Summon can be used)
  • added Entity.Marker selector that selects all markers with an optional data field
  • added breakItem to CustomBlock to manually specify the item that should be killed if player breaks the block
  • updated all blocks, items and particles to include changes in 1.17
  • updated ReplaceItem to reflect all the changes to the /item command
  • changed the list in For to be non nullable
  • changed CustomBlock break distance to 0.5(instead of 1)
  • changed the default for If.assignTag to Entity.Self as this is more common than Entity.Player
  • changed behaviour of Condition.not when used with a tag, this will generate [tag=!name] now instead of unless
  • fixed List<Widget?> is not a subtype of type Widget

# 0.4.1

  • updated RandomScore to support 1.16 UUIDs
  • changed order of generation: load gets generated before anything else
  • fixed files not getting generated when being registered inside another file
  • fixed empty file when extending a file that does not exist before
  • fixed path comparison (which resulted in Extend not working)
  • fixed duplicate scoreboard when using addIntoLoad
  • fixed load and tick tags being generated with .mcfunction

# 0.4.0

  • added Folder Widget to dynamically create folders. All Files and Rawfiles in the child marked with inheritFolder will choose this folder as a default
  • added Textcomponent.none for the edge case that you want to clear a previous set text
  • added predicate parameter to Selector
  • added Scoreboard.modify(whoever uses that)
  • added self, all and player getters on a Scoreboard to easily use the most common score entities
  • added path argument to Context to retrieve the current path set by Folders
  • added a check to help to not exceed the 16 char limit on scoreboards
  • added additional metrics to measure project generation
  • updated all blocks, items and particles to include additions in 21w11a
  • migrated to null safety, read more here: https://dart.dev/null-safety
  • refactored apis, arrangement of required values and nullable types
  • refactored filepaths and path concatenation
  • changed dependencies (removed meta and changed colorize to ansicolor)
  • fixed Area generating NULL instead of 0 by default
  • fixed triggering hotreload if only properties on project changed and refactored mechanics

You need at least Dart 1.12 for this version of objD and most likely have to migrate to null safety yourself (which is easy with the provided tools: https://dart.dev/go/null-safety-migration)

After doing so, ensure your version constaint is set to this to ensure all features are active:

  sdk: ">=2.12.0 <3.0.0"

# 0.3

# 0.3.6

  • added Pose class and corresponding pose argument in ArmorStand
  • added Summon.select method to easily get an entity selector
  • added a getCommands method which generates the commands of a given Widget
  • added JsonFile Widget to easily generate json files
  • added further checks for encapsulating groups when using strait functionality
  • changed Location to be immutable and providing const constructors
  • changed Summon parameters to be class fields
  • changed ArmorStand and AreaEffectCloud to inherit Summon, you can now use all possibilites of Summon
  • changed Execute.storeScore to use Score instead of two seperate parameters
  • changed Bossbar.storeResult, Entity.storeResult and Location.storeResult to accept any Widget
  • changed Command generation behaviour from List to StringBuffer
  • updated blocks, items, particles and entities to include content from 21w07a
  • fixed TextHoverEvent.item using the id as value instead of whole nbt
  • fixed giving a negative from value to RandomScore would only generate positive numbers
  • fixed Bossbar methods would override previous uses of the same object
  • fixed Item.getMap returning the id in item instead of id, added optional parameter

Thanks White Blizzard and Bonesdog for making suggestions for this version.

# 0.3.5

  • added Annotation classes to be used with objd_gen, which drastically lowers code complexity
  • added ReplaceItem.copy, ReplaceItem.clear and ReplaceItem.modify implementing 1.17 item command
  • added a version parameter to context to allow widget to generate version specific code
  • added Particle.dust and Particle.copyWith alongside with major rework of the Particle command and simplification of code
  • added Recipe Widget with ability to generate Minecraft Recipe Files of any type
  • added the possibility to use a String as an Argument for Dimensions to support custom dimensions
  • added missing toPath property to Storage.modify
  • updated ReplaceItem to adapt automatically to the projects version
  • updated blocks, items, particles and entities to include content from 21w03a
  • fixed Effect nbt Generator not using the Byte Generator correctly
  • fixed issues with having two Packs at the top level of the tree
  • removed default scale value from Data.get

# 0.3.4

  • added the ability to change the minecraft version by adding Project.version(changes mcmeta pack_format)
  • added spawnegg check for CustomBlock
  • added CustomBlock onPlaced and onBreak
  • added a way to override TextComponents with null -> TextComponent(null)
  • fixed issues with copying dicts
  • fixed missing toString method for Item
  • fixed missing implementation for Item.copyWith with model, name, hideFlags, lore and nbt
  • fixed that fromJson and clone were not static
  • fixed Execute.center targeting the corner of the block
  • removed unnecessary collection package

# 0.3.3


  • added Item.type replacing ItemType and made it unmutable
  • divided Blocks.all and Items.all in 1.15 items and newer [snapshot] items
  • removed named parameters for Range. If you want to set a upper or lower limit use Range.to or Range.from now on.
  • changed Comment.Seperate to Comment.Separate
  • changed Advancement cricterium to cricteria in Advancement.grant() parameters


  • added PlayerJoin Widget
  • added Enchant Widget
  • added experimental CustomBlock Widget
  • added Spawnpoint Widget
  • added Attribute Widget


  • added new 1.16 blocks, items, particles and entities
  • added Attribute Type and an Attribute List to support Minecraft attributes
  • added useTag argument in the If Widget to allow custom tags marking the else statement
  • added Item.copyWith() to clone Items more easily
  • added Color.fromInt and Color.fromRGB to support new color spaces
  • added an optional bool property to Slot.chest to support Enderchests
  • fixed Data.modify rejecting a List as value
  • fixed missing increment for Ifs objd_is_true tag
  • fixed if an else option is provided for If, encapsulate would not have an effect
  • fixed crash when leaving the generate parameter of Project empty
  • fixed bug with Trigger.enable
  • fixed Do Widget to also execept null as translate parameter
  • fixed errors when trying to use gson component in a give command
  • fixed that Entity.not used to reset all previous applied tags
  • removed all deprecated and unessary parts

Thanks to kadmuffin for contributing and fixing typos!

# 0.3.2

  • added setToCondition to the Score to allow values based on a condition
  • added an Item.SpawnEgg constructor to allow generating spawn eggs more quicker
  • added Predicates subpackage, that allows to create all major types of predicates right in objD
  • added Predicate Widget to register a new Predicate with content
  • added VersionCheck and ServerVersionCheck
  • added Storage.toData to convert to a Data Widget
  • added global Scoreboard.prefix and Tag.prefix that get applied to all created Scoreboards and Tags
  • added the [] operator to scoreboard to quickly retrieve its scores
  • added Comment.seperate to generate a comment line
  • added Comment.fileHeader to generate a file header with author, description, context and calledin
  • added header field to File to be able to add a header to a file directly
  • added Spectate and Gamemode Widgets
  • added a PassTrait widget, that uses the Context to provide Data across the successive widget tree
  • added support for Dart Web, enabling online generators powered by objD
  • added Zip Exporter that can be enabled with the --zip flag or by builing the project in production mode
  • added --no-zip flag to allow usual file generation
  • added an web example
  • added getArchive and saveAsZip methods to manually create and modify the Zip encoder
  • added HideFlags method that calculates the hideFlags for you
  • added getAllFiles and getJsonMap functions to allow 3rd party developers and the web to use objDs output
  • updated the gson library to also support Dart Web
  • updated Condition.predicate and If to allow for Predicates(and automatically register them)
  • updated Block class to allow public insight into nbt and states
  • changed If Then and Else to then and orElse, old syntax is deprecated
  • extended the ForEach widget to support translation location for each step
  • moved Block, ItemType, EntityType and ParticleTypes constants to seperate Blocks, Items, Entities and Particle classes
  • moved the file generator to a new file seperating it from the system io
  • fixed the conversionFlags parameter for TextComponents, accepts TextComponents now
  • fixed crash when Scoreboard was used without any load File
  • fixed Tag toggle wrong negation
  • fixed text options with the conversionFlags in TextComponent.translate
  • refactoring code

Credit goes to Andante(https://github.com/AndanteDevs) who initially built the VersionChecker and ServerVersionChecker

# 0.3.1

  • added Schedule.append, Schedule.appendFile and ScheduleMode for the upcoming 1.15 release
  • added Support for Predicates in Entity
  • added Condition.predicate
  • added Storage Widget to handle global nbt storage
  • added Data target DataStorage to store nbt globally
  • added TextComponent.storageNbt to display nbt from Storage
  • added RawFile to allow generation of any kind of file in a pack(for upcoming Predicates, LootTables...)
  • added Operators & and >> to Tag to enable faster Conditions and Assignments
  • updated Kill to include just an optional target
  • code refactoring, issue fixing

# 0.3.0

  • added updated documentation site at https://objd.stevertus.com
  • added completly new gson parser capable of types, see more here: https://pub.dev/packages/gson
  • added operators to Score: +, -, *, /, %, <, >, <=, >=. >>, &
  • added Entity.Self Constructor as a shortcut
  • added Entity kill, raycast, teleport, give, replaceitem, particle, crash, tellraw, tp, execute, exec, execStrait, asat, as, at, joinTeam, leaveTeam and forEach Methods.
  • added Data Manipulation within Entity with dataMerge, dataGet, dataRemove and dataModify methods
  • added Selector
  • added Tp Widget
  • added RestAction, RestActionAble and StraitWidget to support underlying structure
  • added Area.rel
  • added Area.fromRanges
  • added exact parameter for Range to support single matches
  • added EntityType operator == to match same Types
  • added Builder & ItemBuilder Widgets
  • added IndexedFile to update the old complicated Group functionality.
  • added --out argument to change the output directory with the CLI
  • rewritten Execute with StraitWidget
  • rewritten Entity addTag, addTags, removeTag, removeTags
  • moved the cli commands and related files to a new package here: https://pub.dev/packages/objd_cli
  • removed gson parser in TextComponent, Bossbar, Title and Tellraw
  • changed Entity.self to Entity.Self
  • changed Range(exact:...) to Range.exact(...)
  • changed all args to fit the CLI
  • updated Group to IndexedFile. BREAKING: Removed fileId and generateIDs
  • fixed missing seperator when using multiple scores in Entity
  • fixed missing items and added documentation references
  • fixed that global Location does not cut of last double digit(1.0)
  • fixed unnessesary required value with Tag
  • fixed that Entity.copyWith just returned null´
  • fixed bug that Execute generated a List instead of just execute
  • refactored code

A big thanks goes to Minimine who actually did most of the new additions, the new gson package and bug fixes. Thanks for contributing! Check out his projects here: https://github.com/MinimineLP Thanks as well for the critical bugs reports by Mastermori!

# 0.2

# 0.2.4

  • added ClickEvent Module
  • added copyWith on Entities
  • added setValues on Entity to change selections afterwards
  • added Location.clone
  • added desc to Log
  • changed Color to const to allow defaults
  • changed Particle to use a double type for speed and no requirement for a location
  • fixed Particle.item to use ItemType instead of Item
  • fixed CommandList Type Error
  • fixed Raycast Error when not using stop in the ray property
  • fixed missing Invisible Nbt on ArmorStand

# 0.2.3

  • added new Module type to allow registering tick functions and files with a convenient api
  • added modules property to Pack to inject new modules
  • added ScoreTimerModule that implements a Timer using Scoreboards
  • changed Widget class to be abstract
  • tweaked Raycast to work properly
  • improved Entity.not
  • fixed TextComponent.space with negative numbers

# 0.2.2

  • added Item.clone, Entity.clone and similar Methods with ItemType and Slot to enrich changeable inputs
  • added Entity.not to negate arguments
  • added Slot.craft
  • added Clear Wrapper
  • added Condition.Data
  • added Block.nbt to include Nbt-data and Blockstates
  • added Score.findSmallest and Score.findBiggest
  • updated Item.getGiveNotation to include Damage
  • changed Slot utilities to use seperate row and column arguments
  • fixed missing minecraft: on Item nbt
  • fixed wrong order of scale and datatype for Data.fromScore

# 0.2.1

  • added experimental hotreload to boost performance
  • added new -hotreload and -full build arguments
  • added new Slot class with helper functions
  • added Advancement Widget
  • added Data.fromScore
  • added Rotation utilities like Rotation.n and Rotation.north
  • added Rotation.getDirection
  • added isRotated value on entities to test for a Rotation object
  • reworked ReplaceItem for Blocks and using the new Slot
  • updated Item Slot requirements to match the Slot datatype
  • updated project generator without File path
  • updated Getting Started to fit new requirements and systems
  • fixed Location.storeResult

# 0.2.0

  • Completly reworked build algorithms that run the generate method just once.
  • improved performace
  • added new build arguments in createProject
  • new build arguments -min -prod and -debug
  • access to the prod property on context to change widget behaviour in productive build
  • comments and line breaks get automatically removed in productive build
  • added Raycast Widgets with many options to choose from
  • added ForEach Loop that iterates through each score
  • added Do.Until and Do.While Loops
  • added a Book Generator with Item.Book that allows to use BookPages and TextComponents to fill a book
  • added a TextComponent for the negative Spaces Font by AmberW. This automatically calculates the customs chars for a specified pixel value.
  • added a TextComponent for Custom Fonts
  • added a TextComponent for Linebreaks
  • added number and boolean arguments for Log
  • added new Block Condition which tests the current Position after the block
  • updated Say Wrapper to either use a String or Entity in one argument
  • fixed missing encapsulate property on If.not
  • fixed double and unmatching group ids with multiple packs and widgets
  • fixed multiple scoreboard related bugs. All declared Scoreboards from all packs should generate in the load functions now
  • fixed TextClickEvent.runCommand to include a slash (Thanks Dommi)
  • fixed data modify command generator (Thanks Vinicius Rangel for pull)

# 0.1

# 0.1.3

  • added Bossbar
  • added nbt TextComponents
  • added encapsulate to If
  • added strNbt to Data and Entity to support unvalid json chars
  • reworked the global console commands and binaries
  • fixed data modify
  • fixed missing datatype and scale with entity.storeResult

# 0.1.2

  • added RandomScore
  • added a Team wrapper
  • added a team option for entities as well as joinTeam and leaveTeam methods
  • added Repeat to repeat code with delay
  • added Log Widget to quickly print Messages, Scores or Entities in the chat
  • added ArmorStand Widget to create an armorstand
  • added Hologram to display text
  • added AreaEffectCloud
  • added Tag.toggle
  • added a create option to File
  • added a nbt option for Setblock
  • added Score.fromSelected to avoid annoying Entity.Selected
  • changed summon arguments
  • changed effect to also support nbt effects
  • changed Location to optional arguments
  • fixed when there are two identical files that they would extend

# 0.1.1

  • added AroundLocation widget
  • added Trigger wrapper
  • added Effect wrapper
  • added Particle wrapper
  • added clone wrapper
  • added nbt option for entities
  • added score.con for constants
  • added display name and lore for items
  • changed global commands and boilerplate project
  • fixed execute align
  • fixed execute bug if targetPath was null
  • fixed timer not generating schedule

# 0.1

with the first proper release there are the first util classes:

  • added Timeout and Timer widgets for delays and clocks
  • added Tag widget
  • added Schedule widget
  • added scores and tags parameters in any entity constructor
  • added addTag, addTags and removeTag Methods on entity
  • added targetFilePath and targetFileName parameters for the execute and if constructors to force a folder or filename
  • added suffix option for groups
  • added tag condition
  • added compile time
  • added experimental global commands
  • changed if behaviour to use a Tag instead with or conditions, else statement or multiple then children
  • fixed: nested groups generated in the wrong order
  • fixed entity Range generating unvalid results for -10..0
  • fixed groups that generated a different file than execution name(still some issues)


# 0.0.10

  • added experimental if else statements(may be changed later on)
  • added an if option for execute as well
  • added the area class
  • fixed group
  • fixed requirement for slot and count for items
  • changed entity static functions to named constructors(for Entity.Selected...)
  • updated fill to use area instead
  • updated teleport to use rotation
  • updated to dart 2.1.1
  • added inline documentation for many widgets
  • split the build process into multiple files

# 0.0.9

  • added subcommands for execute
  • added methods for execute
  • added storeResult to Location and Entity
  • added Rotation
  • fixed reference issue for groups(they prefixed everything 😮)

# 0.0.8

  • added Entity.PlayerName()
  • fixed readme
  • modified score.setToResult
  • made Block, EntityType and ItemType constants to use them in defaults

# 0.0.7

  • added score generation
  • added Scoreboard
  • added Score with calculation and condition methods
  • fixed that main and load functions were not executed

# 0.0.6

  • added teleport
  • added fill
  • added data widget and DataModify to edit nbt data
  • updated entity with area parameter

# 0.0.5

  • added Extend
  • added Item utils
  • added Give
  • added Replaceitem
  • added online documentation at https://stevertus.com/objD/documentation

# 0.0.4

  • added Summon command wrapper
  • added TextComponents
  • added Title and Tellraw
  • added Color class
  • added TextClickEvent class
  • added TextHoverEvent class

# 0.0.3

  • added Block
  • added Location
  • added Setblock
  • added Say

# 0.0.2

  • Fixed ReadMe

# 0.0.1

  • Initial Project with Basics and Builder
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